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Project Information

Date Published: May 13th 2014

Cameras: Duane Lee Wo

Editor: Duane Lee Wo

Producer: Duane Lee Wo

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam


A tribute to one of Hanoi’s most prolific portrait artiste Mr. Nguyen Bao Nguyen of the Old Quarter. I met Mr. Bao Nguyen as I walked into 47 Hang Ngang Street and his attention for detail captured my imagination. We had a simple chat and then a unique video portrait of the portrait artiste conducting a self-portrait of himself was simply Bliss! His passion is keeping memories alive.


Canon 70D,

Canon 50 mm 1.4, 1.8,

Sennheiser wireless mics,

Manfrotto Tripods,

Konova Sliders
Edited on Final Cut Pro 7 and Apple Motion

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