pieces in the puzzle

The next piece in the puzzle

I remember it was the middle of January, the snow was quite high and it was bitterly cold below -15°C.

I was invited to “hot yoga” by my good friend Char Lene not knowing what to expect. A bunch of people sitting upright saying ohms or a sanctuary for warm-blooded creatures like myself. In any case it would be an experience I said to myself. How strange could it be?

The studio looked great, with natural lighting through a row of tall glasswindows. There was a charming instructor by the name of Judy Wood who was technically sound and very soothing to the mind but somehow was non-negotiable on leaving the class during the session. Let’s just say at that point I had to focus on holding it in. 😊

My first introduction into the yoga world was “not bad”, but honestly it took root inside of me. I couldn’t do any poses but at least I was highly complimented for my Shavasana. Truth be told I was more tired than alive. Now that I look back may be that charming instructor was having pity on me (since I think how can you not look good lying down) 😊

Like a puzzle with many pieces, I was trying to figure out these practices of renewing the mind, channeling positive thoughts and embracing the present moment. This opened up a new world of mental gymnastics, training my thought patterns to come and then simply go.

It’s just another step on that journey of a 1000 miles on the way to a never-ending finish line. In that case “Onward and forward bound!”, I would say. It felt like I cracked the code, well kind-of, or cracking it at least. 😊

Somewhere around step 2 or 3, I mJane Miraflores Chinhin aJason Chinhin and then some more wonderful people along the wayKat StillwellelDerrick D. BordendeJill FerrasraLisa Fletcher CasarinriGeorge AnthonyonStan WeaverveVeronika ChristastSusu Yoga Koh SamuiogBruce MullerleSkye Scott CioffiffScott Lawrence AndersonsoJennifer Gallacher RosenthalhaCathy HallalDeb PrideidGerald RiosaosAshlie BurnsrnNatalie Mackiw-GigliottittAlisa SuttiboonooShaleeza KaderalialGary MedfordorKasten AlvarezreVincent DeWeeseesJanet OakeskeDiana KartikawatiatXenia KokKok)

I’m still fascinated by mindfulness or this present moment thing. It attracts me like a stamp to a letter to assemble the next piece in the puzzle. I continue to meet and learn from great Yoga ambassadors awakening my own awareness within.

Thanks to all of you for your guidance and friendship. This one is dedicated to you all who continue to inspire me with dreams. Until the next step …. let the adventures never end!