The Force Awakens

The first time I went to see Star Wars Episode #3 was when I was 5 years old in Montreal, Canada but now the force awakens.

Fast forward and I went to see the movie at Cineplex on December 31st 2015 and what an amazing movie it was.  I thought about the storyline and it’s all about the force of nature within you and how can you be the best you can be. As we journey through our dreams, sacrificing and putting all on the line, do we choose the dark side or the light?

There is a force within all of us to reach those dreams, a sense of belief, a sense of purpose, a sense of destiny to pursue and achieve the impossible.  Some people call this the law of attraction or a positive energy from the universe which conspires to open up doors when we truly believe that it can be done and to take the limits off of our fears.

As the journey continues there will be many tests to our character which which can either make us or break us and how we respond to these challenges is what counts the most.  Every day that goes by I reflect to think about how I could of done something better and what purpose did it serve in the adventure of life.  Also, how was my attitude in the situation and was I able to adjust it to get the result I was looking for.

There are so many pieces of the puzzle that will eventually come together in many ways, shapes and forms.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense with rejection after rejection or failing when we’ve given 200%.  Do we pick-up the pieces and move forward and onward and surrender these failures?  I at times have certainly resisted “the force” or the universe taking control and guiding us towards those dreams which have already been pre-destined for me and I have already been blessed with.

All I do know is that there are so many dreams that I want to fulfill before I leave this planet, no pun intended.

The force awakens indeed!