keep smiling

Keep Smiling :)

Everyday I wake up and write in my journal of all the experiences of the previous day and why I am grateful for all those events.  I have come to the realization that every event happens to help push me towards my goals and dreams.  The difficult part might be to keep smiling and embrace each passing moment as part of the journey towards success.

I thought about this idea and said to myself, “wow” there are no good things and bad things; perhaps favourable and unfavourable moments, but the bottom line is that these are just moments in time that I can leverage off to learn, stretch and grow.  Granted there were many times that I didn’t enjoy the moment, simply because I didn’t quite understand how to keep smiling or another way of looking at it would be to embrace the present moment as a way of seeing the bright side of everything.

Cappuccino with smiley face and chocolate chip cookie.

So here’s a project that I am interested in doing and I call it “Keep Smiling” because I realized that there are so many blessings given to us with people that I meet everyday.  Hmmmm, how about when you go to a coffee shop and the barrister adds a milk-frothed smiley over your cappuccino. Or how about a clown that keeps on smiling or the person that you just met in the grocery aisle?  How many people do we interact with that bring a smile to us?  Interesting ain’t it???

So the project is really about gratitude, seeing the positive side and recognizing the blessings that other people’s skills contribute to us in a unique way.

Keep Smiling 🙂

city of toronto

Adventure Towards Mindfulness in Toronto

I love to dream BIG ideas and to go after impossible goals! When someone questions “why?”….. I like to say “why not”.

That’s why I had a dream to have an “Adventure Towards Mindfulness” in as many countries as possible.  The idea is to showcase how ordinary people developed the skill of mindfulness to become extraordinary people.  People who took the time to invest in their well-being by investing in their mindset.

After the success and positive feedback of our story in Thailand I thought to myself why not carry on the dream and see where it leads.  I am totally thankful for all the people who supported the first project and I hope that this project would be helpful to others as well.

I have been fascinated by these three things:

1) yoga

2) mindfulness and

3) adventure.

Mainly because you can practice yoga in any space and it is such a powerful cleansing for the mind and body.  Plus it generates positive energy which is very attractive to developing a renewed mind.  Adventure is just one of my DNA genes and it gives me a sense of freedom, knowing that if I put my mind to it, I can achieve it.


Young Woman Doing Yoga in Nature

So with that mindset (lol), I’m starting off this global project at home and I’m looking for someone who would be a great fit for the Adventure Towards Mindfulness in Toronto!  I think this is going to be a wonderful story showcasing some of the beautiful textures of the city that makes Toronto diversely multi-cultural and uniquely filled with character.

I’m looking for someone who has these attributes:

  • somebody who sets time for self-improvement every day through mindfulness
  • practices yoga and mindfulness
  • outgoing and adventurous

If anyone comes to mind, please send me an email through the website!

Here’s the adventure in Koh Samui to give you an idea of the first project – Adventure Towards Mindfulness, Koh Samui

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The door of opportunity

You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

Every day I go through a morning ritual and start my day at 5 am to the chirping of birds or grasshoppers (lol) and then I begin my morning ritual of meditation and journaling to get the day going. I realized that the most important aspect of the journey is connecting to my inner center via dreams.

In other words, what do I what to accomplish more than anything in this world? And then what am I going to do to make it happen by taking action.  So how do we do that?  Well I believe they are connected by something called passion.  Once you find something that you love to do (no matter what it is) you need to go after it and the door of opportunity will always open for you.  But the key is that you have to go after it and create your own opportunities.

Like a mechanic with a tool-kit, talents are the God-given tools that we were all blessed with to make a mark in this world and to leave a legacy.  Everyone possesses a unique set of talents and when blended together can lead to an abundant living.  Not everyone has the same talents and passions.  For example, I am passionate entrepreneurship, business, adventure and character storytelling!!! I see a purpose in those areas. But I’m not passionate about shooting v-logs, camera reviews,  music videos or advertisements.  I see no purpose in these areas.  But the common denominator are elements of story-telling in each case.

I believe that’s the way the world turns by already having pockets of people which give gratitude for your your contributions in this world.  It helps them to get to their journey as well and gives them belief that they can do it as well.  You were not given talents to connect with all people, just for the ones that you are supposed to 🙂

So because I love yoga and adventure and movie-making…you guessed it! I’m starting the adventure series towards mindfulness in many countries and cities. Cheers to dreaming big and finding a purpose using passions and talents!

As Ghandi says, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.