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The next adventure

Thanks to George Anthony and my my daily yoga practice, I am committed to living in the present moment and making every moment count. There are two days of the year that we absolutely cannot do anything about.  It is the day before today and the day after today.  So I’m grounded in my thoughts to get me centered from the beginning of the day.

As I live in the moment, I focus on the present project. I dedicate all my energy into the final cut to deliver a meaningful story that can benefit a wide audience.  As that story comes to a close I say thanks to the universe with gratitude for allowing my soul to experience my own being in the moment and then I move onto a new project.  Generally there is no correlation between projects.  For example as the adventure to mindfulness has come to a close, I am praying for a new topic and the one that comes to mind is laughter.  Already my mind races to this new adventure and I begin to visualize what it will look like. I have no idea how to go about it but it doesn’t phase me.  What’s important is that once I have conceived the idea into my subconsciousness it will pretty much will be a done deal.

For the most part, I’m looking at a story that open minds and shift awareness through simple ideas!





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Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step! As Oprah would say, it’s an Ah ha moment!!

In other words, every accomplishment starts with a decision to try and that’s the same philosophy with making a great short story.  Last year around December I was searching for a story to produce.  I know from my experiences that I enjoy crafting a story but not just any story.  It has got to have purpose and meaning to it.  In other words it has to be a great story and I would rather be patient to produce it.

So my journey began by crafting a story around adventure.  I’ve always loved the unknown and what’s to come, and what a new day has to offer.

One topic that has had an impact on me is the ability to stay in the present moment and to focus on the moment.  I first came across this attraction to becoming aware through an interview with Oprah Winfrey and Elizabeth Lesser called Broken Open.  What a great interview! So great that I actually bought a copy of this book.

This had set my imagination at work and I was trying to fit a great story together. You can actually say that this was my first step or my decision to try and develop a new story.  I decided to combine adventure with mindfulness which took me to my second step.  A yoga instructor, George Anthony, in Thailand who had dedicated his lifestyle to being in the present moment. Emailing him was my third step and now the journey is on step 600 with the possibility of featuring this short story on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

I have to admit that my intention from the beginning was to feature this as an original short story on Super Soul Sundays! It took a bit of perseverance and commitment to making it happen. To find the right people to work with, to produce the right story, to have the right character and to have asked the right person to help me contact the producers at Harpo Studios (yeah).  Now a dream may become a reality and I can finally take off Oprah from my dream board!

I have to admit that I did not know how this would come together, but I just knew that it would come together.  I trusted in the universe and God Almighty to do what I couldn’t do.  But as I look back at the project from it’s conception, I realized that I did one thing. I simply decided to try a single step!

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


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Live Your Moment

It feels amazing to come up with a great idea, it feels awesome when that idea comes to life. From conception to implementation is the stroke of brilliance but it takes work, dedication and sacrifice to make it happen.  In other words the fruits of your labor come from planting the proper roots.  Recently I had a vision to understand the concept of mindfulness.  What exactly is it and what does it mean?

This set me upon a quest to seek the meaning of mindfulness and my idea started to bubble inside of me to an rose to the top.  Call it the law of attraction but I knew that I would produce a story of the “Adventure Towards Mindfulness”.  I couldn’t tell you how it would happen and who it would involve, but I can tell you that I knew that it would appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  At the time of publishing this blog, we are still trying to pursue that endeavour to have our short story as an original short on her network.

From the start of the project, it was filled with excitement, adventure and lots of ups and downs.  Some of these were logistics, accommodations, budgets, the weather, availability of George, budgets, traveling from China, weariness, internal strength, extreme heat in Koh Samui etc. etc. The list can go on and on but the biggest lesson learnt was the ability to let go and live in my moment!

There are many situations, practically all of them where I am not in control of the circumstances.  It is true my choices will dictate the direction, but each outcome is unknown and nobody knows what will happen. But every time I decided to let go and have a “no worries attitude” is where the Universe conspired to help me out.  For unknown reasons, everything started to fall right into place and filming was most enjoyable.

Let go and live your moment. 


Elephant Ideas

Here at the Live Life Media Company, our philosophy is to continue to Dream Big, Live Life, Be In The Present Moment and continue to practice Mindfulness.  These are our core values that resonate within us.  So the question becomes what is your dream? What excites you to the maximum? What skills and talents does someone possess to make you want to go out and offer that ability to the universe?

Everyday I’ve got elephant ideas so big that it seems impossible to make it happen in my lifetime.  For example we enjoy meaningful storytelling that has the capacity to shift minds and encourage others to keep “doing the do”.  This is what inspires us.  We sincerely believe that we’re all connected and everyone has a story to help others.

Some of our ideas focus on the human connection.  Would it be possible to do a short story on the emotion of hugging, laughing, peace, joy, overcoming obstacles beyond belief. How about discovering the most creative minds and uncovering cultures and traditions that co-exist with modern transitions?

Most of the projects that we have worked on or collaborated upon have resulted from elephant ideas. Ideas so big, we still marvel at the experience of just how exactly did it happen.

This my friends is the power of dreaming big!