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Failing to Succeed!

Failing to Succeed!

I’ll start this blog by saying that I realized that failure is the key to success. Another way of saying it is that in order to make an omelet I had to break a few eggs. That means that I had to get messy and make a lot of mistakes in order to make a great masterpiece.

How many times did I press record only to realize much later (when I already left the country) that I actually forgot to press the record button on the visuals and I only had audio. How many times did I center the picture only to realize that the subject was not centered. How many times did I not set the white-balance correctly and I blew out the image without any trace of recovering the images.

What about running out of batteries or not wiping the moisture off my slider and discovering the rust on the ball bearings and and not being allowed to take my camera bag on the plane due to sound restrictions.

I could go on and on but for every mistake that was made either knowing or unknowingly, I learnt how to shoot more professionally and to be more creative with intention. Most of these mistakes I’ve only made once and kept on improving and learning how to become a better filmmaker over and over again.

In other words failure gives you a free lesson that is so invaluable that it can only be attained from a doctorate in life!

When I look back, I realized that some of these mistakes were unknowing to me but they were the key to my success. Today my greatest work is the last project that I have worked on, because I bring a wealth of knowledge to every new project that comes my way, learning how to shoot in various environments, cultures and people.

Break a few eggs, get cracking to take action and let the adventure begin.

Dream Big and keep failing to succeed!