See The Impossible

I have to confess that at first I could not understand the concept of blogging or to be more specific, why people blog.  Fast forward 3 months later and now I have a dream and a goal to express my  thoughts, my ideas and my beliefs to purposely help others.

So what happened? I saw the impossible.  I saw that I could help others and that my creativity coupled with a purpose could become a sphere of influence for many people facing a challenge.   I began to dream big and those dreams started talking back to me filled with creative ideas.  My energy levels peaked off the scale when I realized that I have a roll as a creator to spark ideas, which can create a movement within a community of similar minds.

More specifically, I started to see how I can revolutionize ideas through creative channels like video and this platform would provide hope to someone out there who is embarking on a dream as well.  How did I go about doing it?  I started to visualize how my stories will impact the world and I took action towards making that visualization a reality.


5 am sunrise and yoga

5 am yoga meditation

I pictured myself in the same league as Oprah Winfrey producing amazing and unique stories for the network. With increased visualization, my mind started racing to achieve the impossible, so instead of thinking outside the box I made my own box and I got into it.  This means I allowed myself to be myself and created amazing storyboards on amazing people.  With upcoming projects, we crafted videos with a sense of transparency; all natural footage unfolding in real time without scripting a scene, simply following the storyboard.  This we hoped would be able to reach more folks.  It became important to be unique and honest within my relationships and this transparency brought about collaborations with other people.

Take for example, my most recent project on an adventure towards mindfulness started with an idea.  It turned out to be 8 of the most memorable days of my entire life with the flow of synergies allowing great footage to be captured.  Every person on the project was working towards a common goal believing that this story would help someone.

Namaste with Yoga George in mindfulness

George Anthony on the shoot of an “Adventure towards Mindfulness”

See The Impossible and Dream Big because “you are only limited by what you think you can do” – Dave Jacka

The next step of this project is submission to the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Super Soul Sunday as an original short story.

We can’t wait for it to be shown!

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