Dream Big

Your Dream Has A Voice

Hello are you talking to me?  (lol)

This is your biggest dream and I’m the reason why you get so excited that you can’t sleep at night. I’d like to talk to you today, do you have a few moments to spare? I had a great idea and thought you would be the perfect person to collaborate with.  My idea will take us to many places around the world and will inspire and help many people.

You may not be able to see what I see (right now) but I envision Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Marrakesh, Dubai, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Istanbul and more!!! Are you with me? Can you imagine all the new friendships and great relationships that we will make and how many lives we’re going to touch?

As I said, I think you are the perfect person to make this idea a reality! Now there’s only one thing to keep in mind, there is going to be a few twist and turns and certainly some setbacks but if you believe in me, the entire universe will conspire to make our dreams come true. Guaranteed.

With that guarantee, will you trust me? Alrite well pick up that camera and let’s do it!!!


Your Dream Has A Voice 🙂


p.s. “This was how I started my journey some years ago by mostly listening to that inner voice deep down inside and going for it.  It’s my compass and spiritual guide. When the desire was so huge that it burns every day, I knew the obvious choice was to trust the voice, put that belief into action and go for it! My mantra has always been life’s next adventure is to live it.”


Life’s next adventure is to live it!

I’ve always found myself to wake up in the mornings and dream big, thinking about what excites me and what get’s me to tick,  then dreaming about how we can get there. I would always ask what would it be like to shoot a short story on the most remote part of the planet. Or perhaps  cover a documentary on someone or something so interesting that it doesn’t make sense to do it; except for the fact that you gotta do it.  I’m always looking towards the next big thing in my journey.

Sometimes I would read a book or watch a youtube video and say I could do that. That would be cool.  Let’s do it!

I feel the story and see how it can impact lives and how it can make a difference to that one person.  That’s what excites me about things, to live the next adventure.  Most of my work I have approached people with my ideas, showing them the vision, the possibilities, the dream.  A lot of times I have prayed and then put faith into action to overcome fear.

Each one of my adventures creates the next adventure of life by opening the window of possibilities as to what I can achieve.  These positive experiences have moved me into a new direction and destination.  Sometimes the universe will push you into your purpose, slowly releasing your grip from the safety net so that you  can fulfill your purpose if you allow it to.

The biggest thing I can ever achieve is to live the life of my dreams. Life’s next adventure is to live it!


my next adventure is to shoot an adventure yoga in the remote parts of the globe

my next adventure is to shoot an adventure yoga in the remote parts of the globe: photo stickney brook yoga