star trails over the australian outback

The Ultimate Dream

What gets me going? The possibilities and what-ifs of life and getting to achieve all those dreams that seemed impossible.    Imagine capturing the stories of other people in every corner of the globe.  Maybe it’s something outrageous.

I love to travel and I believe the excitement comes from dreams that excite us enough to inhabit our minds.  These thoughts come from emotions that fuel us and fill us up with some sort of desire to go after them, to achieve them.  I believe these thoughts are God-given; already ordained from the universe with a permission slip to go after them and to achieve them.  It’s like arriving at Disney world anticipating the ride of your life.

You’re pumped, excited and nervous but all you get to do is “sit back and enjoy the ride”.  For me it’s to tell people’s stories, interesting stories of life, hurdles and victories.  I look at the stars in the sky and often wonder which star is mine to follow, prompting me to let go and let’s go to my next dream.  The Ultimate dream, the dreams which takes us to the place where the mind just cannot conceive.  If it’s possible then it can be done and that’s all that matters.

My ultimate dream is telling the life stories of people around the world who have had the courage to choose those dreams and to conquer those fears.  People who believed more in their dreams than the facts.  They had no money, they had no means, they had no resources, no education, nothing of what the world says you need to have.  They only had belief, faith and a dream and the courage to chase those dreams.

Dream Big!


shooting the stars through the sun-roof in the mini-cooper

shooting the stars through the sun-roof in the mini-cooper


Let go and Let’s go

I love and enjoy what I do. No questions about it.

What I love the most is collaboration with others.  There’s nothing more gratifying than having a dream, seeing a vision and working towards that goal with people who may share the same passion of chasing the same dream.

Your Vibe attracts your Tribe and there have been moments when the synergy is there and you feel the energy of everyone working towards the same goal because we all want to succeed. There are the people that I want to work with and I know that as a team, “together everyone achieves more”.  Day after day, we ride the same wave of energy striving towards the goal ahead, no matter what it takes because we believe that we will get there.

We’ve had many projects like that, but the one in particular that stands out is the Anthony B concert in Sydney, Australia.

Dream Big!



getting ready for the road

The Treasure Map!

Today I had an insightful conversation with someone I have admiration and great respect for with lots of insight: my yoga instructor Ashlie.  It started off something like this,”Hi Ashlie, I heard you were doing great works?” and about 60 minutes later finished off with something like this, ” I believe that dreams are what drives us and we may not know what we want, but we definitely know what we don’t want.”

Could this mean that we are already within the yellow lines of the road to our heart’s desires?  The next step is to travel along the road, buckle-up and enjoy the journey!  Hmmm…are you talking to me? Journey towards where? Are we flying or driving? Plane ticket?

I would definitely not consider myself to be the best-of-the-best or even close to the best when it comes to storytelling.  Simply, I am passionate about telling people’s stories and this is what fuels my desire to learn, to fail and to retry again and again and again.  This I believe is one of the laws of the universe.  You have to enter the arena of failure in order to succeed and magically you start to move down the road in-between the yellow lines.

So how did I go about it? I knew in-between those yellow-lines were stories of people’s testimonies and the battle of entrepreneurs and I opened up my heart and prayers to God and the Universe. I asked for (paid) projects, believed that I would get (paid) projects and then received my treasure map.  The treasure map will probably never show you each step but it will automatically guide you through to your destination. Guaranteed!!!!



The Treasure Map: I believe in the Law of Attraction, I think about the next story and it happens!

















Is it that simple? Most definitely! I would recommend trying it.  The treasure map is aligned with the law of attraction.  What I think about, I will attract and then my mind immediately starts to take action towards my goals.  Then you may be asking, “But what about the skills, the education, the experience? I am not qualified”.  Very true but if you focus on the things you don’t have, then you will attract things you don’t have. I’ve noticed that the most successful people don’t have all the qualifications either and continue to focus on the positives, they get-up and dance.

Here is one of my favourite quotes, “Each day brings a chance for you to breath, kick-off your shoes and step out to dance. You can either waltz boldy onto the stage of life and live the way your spirit is nudging you to or you can sit quietly by the wall receding into the shadows of fear and self-doubt”  (Oprah Winfrey).

DREAM BIG! You can do it!



Duane Lee Wo shooting in the Caribbean

Dare to Dream!!!


Duane Lee Wo











The beauty of videography is that you can capture the moment in motion and record it as another passage of time.  I see it as a small contribution to impacting the world, the ability to tell a story, document an event and to share a moment which can never return.  Each second is priceless and is a gift from the creator himself.  This is the beauty of life and it’s available for all who want it; if you want it.

We have always believed that the secret to our success is helping other people to get to where they want to be. In other words helping people to be successful.  Every second is one part of a greater story and when those seconds can be told it ultimately adds value to someone’s life.  We’ve always looked at life as an adventure and the world as our playground.  This is what the planet was designed for so why not take advantage of it!

diving in Tobago

Shooting an underwater video in Tobago, West Indies













Imagine living your dreams out and getting paid for it.  In our case it has always been to travel, share and help entrepreneurs around the world to capture and share their stories or businesses.   In our recent trip we’re here in Tobago, West Indies putting together an underwater dive video with action photographer Allan V. Crane.  On the beach, in the water and some time for yoga!


Living Life, Loving Life – Morning yoga on the beach













Sometimes it doesn’t seem to go our way and the winds of life bend us out of shape.  We’ve been there too.  When life seems to be falling out of place, it really is falling into place opening the next adventure if we allow it to.  I call it being pushed into purpose.  The possibilities and opportunities of what’s to come are endless and beyond any dreams we can think of. That’s why dreaming big keeps the focus on moving forward and onward!

See the positives forget the negatives.

Live Life, Love Life!!