Life is either an adventure or nothing at all!

We recently invested in the new gopro Hero 4 action cameras and after looking at some tutorial videos on youtube we came across the adventure of life in 4k reel.

It starts off with our mantra and our motto that we breather every day!

Find your energy within and live life as an adventure.


Lest We Forget

“This year marks 100 years since the beginning of the First World War, a conflict that changed the course of history. Its repercussions still echo today as centuries-old empries were sept away, map borders and society was rocked by the bloodiest war ever seen to that time.” Canada Times, 2014

I salute and thank the men and women who have served in our country’s military, and who fought to defend the very freedoms we enjoy today.




Going with the Vietnamese Pho or Flow?

Today I traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam and it was my first time there. Like most Asian countries, I am extremely fascinated with the local landscape and culture. It amazes me to see how similar yet how different culture and lifestyles can be.  it appears as life is uninhibited as you got to go with the flow.

During my 5 days in Hanoi, I was able to do a short portrait of the portrait artiste which fascinated me.  I met Mr. Bao Nguyen as I walked into 47 Hang Ngang Street  and it was either his wisdom reflected in his age or his ability to transfer images from pictures into print which left me spell-bound.

Using pencil and charcoal, this artiste made portraits of people. His work was indeed amazing and I couldn’t resist to shoot this short story of his life on film.  On the walls, hung portraits of famous Hollywood figures, young Vietnamese women and men, and iconic scenes from the last 50 years. I shot this video with a tripod and a Konova skateboard dolly in a tight floor space, maybe 10×6 ft.

I love anything in motion and the movement of Mr. Nguyen’s brush strokes captivated me.  This was a unique story of an artiste sitting in his studio for the last 54 years which made this story incredible.  His talent is unreal and after I made the enquiry to film a story about him, his acceptance led to an invitation to his house to conduct an interview.  I really felt the hospitality of Mr. Nguyen which I believe is a reflection of human kindness in everyone.

If you ever get a chance to travel to Hanoi, pop in to meet this living legend.



on the streets

What’s it like to shoot in the Caribbean

What I love about life is that we can choose to do the things that we want.  There is a huge part about me that loves the adventure of life and hence the name of our company.  I firmly believe my mission is to help people and record their stories, to enjoy the daily adventures that the universe brings to you is part of your own personal journey. The bible says in scripture, “Ask and you shall receive”.  One of the things I wanted to do was shoot a story in every country that I visit.  Sometimes I’m not sure how a story may break-out but what I do know is that when I ask, usually there is a gem of a story around the corner.

On a particular trip I had the opportunity to visit a good friend of mine, Allan V. Crane, who is a professional action sports photographer in Trinidad and Tobago.  In Trinidad there is a miniature version of soccer called “Small Goal” and as soon as I got off the plane we were heading to a tournament to cover the story.




And what a great story it was to shoot highly talented players from various communities that the government dubbed hot spot areas.  Places where crime was elevated beyond a reasonable concern.  The convenor for the tournament had a vision to use Small Goal as a means of bringing communities back together through sports. The idea is to immerse players from various gangs into one team.  To build the friendship from the ground-up through football.




This opportunity presented itself with getting to know people in the communities and to have one-on-one interviews about their daily lives.  Again, children are the next generation and I always feel a responsibility to encourage them.  One of my biggest moments was answering questions about the camera and being part of this amazing story.  I visited Trinidad a second time in June 2014 to finish shooting the documentary, which is mostly a run and gun style of shooting.  A lot of times trying to predict the environment and the people we would be talking to could not follow a textbook answer.  You have to shoot at a moment’s notice since some of the players really do come from gang turfs and secrecy is paramount.




Port of Spain is a unique blend of European, African, Indian and Asian influences and definitely is a place worth visiting.  For me my top advice is to let it flow and go with the rhythm of the universe.  Humbling oneself was the lesson of life on the island.


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